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so nice to see you here. Thank you for visiting my page. 

I am Kayleigh. I have loved photography since i was 16. I used to snap around with a compact camera that my parents bought me for christmas and i managed to get Photoshop back then and taught myself how to use it. I went to college to study Media but didn't get on with the other side ( videography etc) I loved the photography side and really enjoyed using a film camera and working in the dark room. At this point in life though i decided i thought i was going to be a dancer and studied that instead. Which was amazing! however i was being pulled back to photography with everything i did. I ended up at 18 buying myself my first SLR. I did a bunch of shoots for friends, thinking one day id be a fashion photographer. Went on to work in a studio, some of you may heard of called Portrait Place ( Pixi Foto). When i then married my wonderful husband we moved up to Helensburgh in sunny ol Scotland ( haha) i found i wanted to really do this alone. Here i am now running my very own newborn and family photography business with a couple of side projects and i am absolutely loving it! i honestly can't tell you what joy it gives me to capture those special little moments for families that they will treasure for all time. I love being able to give people that day off from using their phones and whoever the chief photographer in the family a day to be in the photos too. As a mum of one i know how that feels, also being the photographer of the family its not very often that i get a candid shot with my little girl. So if you're up for it and would love some pictures that aren't just on the phone please get in touch! it would be my pleasure and it will also be lots of fun! :)

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