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Ffion Cake Smash & Splash

So having only done cake smashes indoors, When Sarah, Ffions mum asked me if we could get outdoors in the woods at their house i was so up for it! one big reason is i absolutely love natural lighting. You ask me to do a photoshoot outdoors and i will jump at the chance come rain or shine.

We whipped up a cake, put some flowers on there and once Ffion was up from her nap we got straight outside. We all know sleep is the best recipe for happiness for us all. Ffion seems to always have a gorgeous happy go lucky character.

The walk into the woods was relaxing and tranquil. so peaceful and quiet. Ffion as you can see was extremely happy with her cake.


I was completely in my element with this shoot. The light coming through the trees made me for one very happy photographer. Thankfully i had one very happy mummy and daddy too with the photos.

Needless to say, this was one of my favourite shoots to date. Baby Ffion was an absolute doll. I hope one day she will love these photos of herself.


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