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Lynne Our Winner!!

Almost a year ago now Lynne won a voucher for a family session with me, its been a wild year trying to get matching schedules but finally we got booked in and how can i say this... it was magical, very wet and windy and so much fun!

I cannot even thank the family enough for being such good sports considering what horrendous weather we had this day. You could even see the rain on the photos if you looked close enough.


The second i met Lynne and her family we all clicked. Always a bonus when you are working with a customer. We headed up to Glen Fruin because of course where do you go on a wet day other than somewhere completely open to it all haha. That was my idea by the way. Thank you Lynne and co!

I LOVE that little Robyn too was the centre of colour too with her bright colours on.

In Scotland it rains ALOT, don't let that deter you from a family session.Just look at how these turned out.

I couldn't let Lynne and Andrew go without having some photos of just the two of them either. I think the kids and Rocky where pretty happy to get back into the warmth of the car.

What Lynne had to say about the session!! Thank you again so much this was amazing!!

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