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Our First Boudoir session

This is Danielle, Danielle is absolutely smoking hot wouldn't you agree?!?! She has done so well in losing weight that she didn't feel comfortable with. So what better way to celebrate how good you are feeling in your skin that getting half naked and having pictures to remember forever?

Now neither of us have ever shot a boudoir shoot before so there was nothing to lose. However Danielle was an absolute pro and natural. Thankfully i think she felt super comfortable in my company. She was also super up for doing anything, so ladies if you are feeling super hot and proud of yourself lets get you booked in!

It always seems to be raining in Helensburgh, we did plan to go a little more further a field but at last minute the shoot change to just indoors until there was a space in the clouds. We quickly ran out into my garden to get some beautiful shots outside!

Thank you Danielle for being amazing!!!




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1 Comment

I can’t even put in to words how proud I am of these photos!

Kayleigh you’re an absolute superstar making me feel comfortable and totally fabulous in my own skin. Honestly the session was so much fun and a lot of laughs were had but look at the outcome!

Can’t wait for our family shoot! Get us booked in! Xx

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