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Back during Covid times, Charlotte got in touch with me about booking me for hers and Gypsys wedding. We met in Costa in Helensburgh. It was dark and raining, it was those

times where you had to wear a mask to walk into somewhere but once you sat down you could take it off. The moment I met Charlotte I knew we would be friends.

Her energy is just so pure and kind. Plus she has the brightest smile. We sat talking for as long as we could before I had to go pick my wee one up from dance. I could’ve sat with Charlotte for hours talking about how her and Gypsy met, their little girl and just life! These two are some of the most spontaneous people you’ll ever meet. I loved hearing about their life and how they met.

They met for a date in KFC funnily enough Charlotte was vegan at the time and then Gypsy went off to sea and Charlotte thought that was it. However rightfully so Gypsy couldn’t stop thinking of Charlotte whilst he was gone and slid right into her DMs the second he got home. The rest is of whirlwind romance that belongs in novels. Which then brings me to their wedding day which itself was a fairytale too.


I started with Charlotte and her Bridesmaids getting ready at The Busby Hotel , everyone was so friendly and the tears!! oh the tears. We were all crying at one point. When Charlotte had her make up done, when the hairdresser Jennifer finished her hair, when she had her dress on. There was soooo much love in that room! Oh and the make-up! we have to talk about the make-up. Charlotte kept her face clear of foundation to keep her beautiful freckles on show and opted for a gorgeous statement red lip and stunning eye make up! all done by the gorgeous Chelsea.

Charlotte and Gypsy's wedding was memorable for many reasons. Firstly, it was held in a stunning setting, with a teepee to go with it. Charlotte looked stunning in her sleeveless dress with a big bow on the back and her pearl vail, which she wore with her beautiful brown hair down. She had a lush bouquet of flowers in her hand as she walked down the aisle towards Gypsy who was waiting there eagerly. When I tell you, this man adores her. He was crying so hard seeing his girls walk down towards him. Both their faces lit up on one of the happiest days of their lives and honestly seeing the two of them together you just know its a match made in heaven. I cried a fair few times watching the ceremony and hearing their own vows to each other. So much so that one of the guest asked how long I had known the couple.

The venue was a local national trust house, GreenBank Gardens in Clarkston.The wedding was held in the garden with the house behind them. It was beautiful. Charlotte walked down the aisle whilst a harpist played. It was a thing of dreams. They were so lucky with the weather. The day was so bright and warm. Although I know a few of us were boiling in that sun. Costa del Scotland eh?

They had hired Below Canvas for their Tipi.The Tipi was just so stunning and set into the scenery so well. The guest could wander the gardens too and just enjoy those quiet moments.

Charlotte and Gypsy made sure nobody went hungry either with an assortment of foods. Whilst we were waiting for the wedding to start they had a delicious grazing table all set up with cheeses, meats and crackers. Who then later came back and set up the most delicious dessert table which I am beyond gutted about I didn’t take a nibble as I was too busy enjoying taking everyones photos. Trail Grazers were the supplier and what a beautiful tasty job they did!

Once the ceremony was over people drank, played crochet and giant lawn games. Then a very chill dinner in the tipi supplied by Spitting Pig Company who were incredibly generous and even went to grab me more mozzarella for my salad.

Then the surprise came for all their guest when Charlotte & Gypsy came out in traditional Zambian wedding attire with their daughter and omg did they look amazing! Everyones face lit up and onto the dance floor where they all stayed all night! The DJ Paul Commbe was amazing and kept playing absolute bangers. There was some amazing dance moves pulled out on that dance floor!

When I had to leave I was gutted. I wanted to stay and party. Gave the couple a big cuddle goodbye and was told “ I almost forgot you weren’t a guest!” This is what I like to hear. I like to fade into the back so I can capture all those natural moments for you. I don’t want to be intrusive.



Getting ready hotel:

Grazing table:

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